Why CrossFit




Why CrossFit? Isn't that for crazy people? I could never do that – “I've hurt my back”, “I've got a bad knee”, “I've got an injury (put whatever ails you here)”

CrossFit at it's purist form is simply to help YOU move better and be able to live life better! We want to see you fit – a word that is often ill defined or hard to pinpoint what it means. To us it means throwing your kids (or grandkids) in the air, it means being able to go for a hike with friends, it means not being limited by physical ailments (or if you have some helping those get better). We love hearing stories about a woman that had a stroke and hadn't driven in 4 years because she couldn't lift her right arm – 9 months into CrossFit she has the freedom to drive and can hold a barbell overhead with both arms! We have seen people battling depression that make the choice to show up putting depression behind them through exercise and diet. Seeing people lose 10, 30, 50 lbs (and more) while gaining muscle becoming comfortable with being themselves.

CrossFit uses movements that simulate real life – I haven't seen many instances where leg extensions apply to everyday life but I use a deadlift (picking something up off the ground) constantly! We can nerd out about the nueroendocrine response, the metabolic pathways, multi joint core to extremity movements but what it all boils down to is you feel better faster and have more fun doing it.

We don't know about you but we don't want to waste our lives starting at a treadmill screen or bike screen (even those as fancy as a certain at home brand). We want to be around others, we want to hear the music, see the scenery in the run, and prepare ourselves for the unknown and unknowable (aka – everyday life).

We have been in CrossFit since 2007 – and like a certain insurance company we've seen a thing or two? Come see how we can help you out.