Using fitness to help you feel comfortable being yourself.

Next Generation CrossFit, Tulsa’s oldest licensed CrossFit box, helps you meet your fitness goals with coaching that provides individual attention and regular feedback to ensure both proper form and maximum effort. With encouragement from Next Generation’s member community, you’ll rise above your limits and surprise yourself with your own performance gains. Next Generation’s workouts will work not just two or three muscles in isolation but will challenge your entire body and improve functional strength comprehensively. Since 2007.


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Are You Ready to Take Control & Become the Best Version of You?

At Next Generation CrossFit we take your success seriously, and are with you every step of your fitness journey. Speak with a coach, develop a prescription for your success, and become the healthiest, strongest, happiest version of you. Let's do this!
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Talk to a Coach

If you are new to CrossFit you can try a workout or meet with a coach to discuss your goals and fitness needs. If you are experienced, get set up to give our community a try. Either way, we want to get to know you and develop a plan for your success.


Develop a Plan

We will meet you where you are on your fitness path. Everyone is different and your results will be unique to you. Developing a plan of attack is crucial to achieving your goals. We can't wait to see where this journey takes you!
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Get Healthy, Strong, and Happy!

Becoming your personal best will result in a healthier, stronger, happier you! We are dedicated to helping you on your journey!