Friday, May 18, 2018


Elephant in the room…

Pick any 3 lifts to reach a total of 7000/4750 lbs. total weight lifted. Rules below;

  • no Deadlift
  • body weight does not count; no pull-ups, air squat, push-ups, etc…
  • 15 RX+/20 RX/30 Fit-Rec. rep max for each of the 3 lifts picked for a combined total of 60 reps
  • if you choose a one-arm movement then cap is 20 each arm for a  combined arm total of 40 reps of the single-arm movement
  • 30 minute time limit
  • Buy-in; 400 m. run or row, ride, jump
  • Cash-out; 400 m. run or row, ride, jump

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