11 Replies to “Monday, June 16th, 2014”

  1. 20:56 rx’d

    Great job to Gina for rowing two 2k rows! That was mentally hard to run the second mile by myself.

    50 strict ring dips and 4×15 GHD situps.

    Great job 5:30!!

  2. 24:29 – 45# ohs the one good thing about finishing last is you get help putting away your weights- thanks to whoever cleaned up my bar and weights!

    50 dips on bar with blue band and 4×15 GHD sit-ups

    Who else spotted the skunk on the run this morning! Hilarious

  3. 21:00 rx’d – used the bar to keep the focus on form

    That skunk looked so confused!

    Great job to everyone this morning!

  4. 19:26 RX

    That skunk made me come in with a faster time! LOL! His tail was up.

    Great job 05:30!! Especially those who braved the tires today!

  5. 18:16 with 75#’s
    Did this one on my lunch hour today. Definitely needed some cardio!

    Didn’t have any rings so I did 100 Push-ups, then abs.

  6. 1 mile slog(slow jog), 33# OHS and 2K row – took me foreverrrrrrr 30:25!
    Did blue and red band dips and a couple super skinny band dips – close to bandless! 😀

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